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Music Videos - 7 Song Tracks with Beautiful Visuals & Meaningful Lyrics

"Kuttanadan Sundari" Song - A beautiful song with great visuals - Inspired from an Indian folk song (boat race song). A fusion song that blends western “Trick or Treat” to an old indian song sung by rowers during boat races. #kuttanadansundari

"The Final Goodbye Song" also known as Dying Girl's Song - The music video narrates the story of a young girl who look backs at her life on her final days and sings how hard it is for her to say the "final goodbye" to her lover. The "Final Goodbye Song" is a tribute to all those who have lost a loved one. #dyinggirlssong

The Song of Vrindavan - The “Song of Vrindavan” is inspired from the epic love story of Lord Krishna and his devotee Radha. In Vrindavan, on the on the banks of the Yamuna River, under the moonlight, “Krishna and Radha” start their day with the warmth of love. It is a song of love, passion, and devotion.

A collection of 8 song videos with great music and memorable lyrics - The Indian music, with origins going back thousands of years, developed in the courts and temples, can break your heart with its beauty. Below is a collection of 8 songs videos by Riju R. Sam that blends indian and western music to create a divine harmony.

Hare Rama - Hare Krishna (The Maha Mantra Song) - A mantra is "mystical energy" encased in a "sound structure" and each mantra contains within its vibrations a "certain power". This 6 minute song video is inspired from the 16 word “MAHA MANTRA” (Great Mantra or Most Important Mantra) in the Vedas.

"Nathan" and "Layla" - Beautiful love song video with memorable lyrics - "Nathan" and "Layla" is the modern day "Romeo" and "Juliet". Their love is true, unconditional and eternal. It is truly the greatest love story ever told.

“Om Kamadeva Mantra” - Lord Kamadeva is the god of “divine love”. Same as the Eros of the Greek, the Cupid of the Romans He arouses “passion” and “love” among those struck by his cosmic arrow. Kamadeva is among the most famous deities of Hinduism, found in various scriptures, including the Rig Veda, Atharva Veda, Vishnu puranam and others.


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