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Novels of Riju R. Sam

The Hollywood Blvd The land of movies, glamour, riches, and fame. The most dreamed about destination in the world. The world sees Hollywood as the land of opportunity, where a person can become a star in a day. They believe that there is magic in the air. Everybody comes to Hollywood with a dream. But for Solomon, a 10 year old boy, and his 5 year old sister Sofia, when they reached Hollywood, it was a journey for survival. But even then, they too had a dream!


The Forbidden Fruits The city of Bridgeport was once famous for its beautiful port, breathtaking landscapes, and lovely people. One day, an uninvited guest visited this quiet city and changed it forever. It became a city full of crime, drugs, and evil-worshipers. Rachel, a resident of Bridgeport, lost her parents as a result of city\'s crime. Her life became an every day fight for survival. Now Rachel has to save herself and the city from the "final darkness."


The Kamasutra Garden Before his visit to the "The Kamasutra Garden", William had never been to a brothel. Tucked away in a remote desert town in Nevada, "The Kamasutra Garden" was not just a business for pleasure. The girls were young, beautiful and every man's fantasy. However, William soon discovered the complex lives and secrets of the women who worked there.


The Ring of Nila "The Majestic" lies deep within the ocean floor, surrounded by the treasures and secrets that were once carried on this ship. Centuries later, the search for "The Majestic" would change the lives of many, including Ann, a deep sea archeologist. With the discovery of "The Majestic", came an unexpected treasure that leads Ann on a dangerous journey through time, fighting powerful forces that threaten her existence and search for true love.


The Day Before I Died The story of the last three days in the life of a young troubled boy, Jaison, who looks back into his life and the years which have passed by him. On the last day as he prepare for the mass murder, something happens in his life which prompts him to change his view of life to a totally different perspective.


The Untold Secret of Fathima What does a mother suffering from cancer, a self made millionaire, a 911 survivor and a 12 year old orphan in Iraq have in common? "The Untold Secret of Fathima" is the story of the life altering religious awakening in their lives. Their stories are intertwined with an invisible bond and they are destined to help one another. Together, they make the impossible, possible and prove that religion has no boundaries. "The Untold Secret of Fathima" conveys that the essence of all religion is love and peace.


Still Cries The Soul The heart wrenching story of Lisa (Sasha Olson) who seemed to have the perfect life and was eagerly anticipating her wedding to Jonathan (Danny Joldzic) until she loses him to a tragic accident. After Jonathan's death, Lisa is haunted by his memories, leaving her unable to move on with her life. That's until one day she meets William (Simon Star) who promises to bring back the joy and laughter in her life. Lisa is torn between betraying Jonathan and allowing her heart to love again...Will she?



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