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Sleepless in Hollywood

The HOLLYWOOD Boulevard...The land of movies, glamour, riches, and fame. The most dreamed about destination in the world. The world sees Hollywood as the land of opportunity, where a person can become a star in a day. They believe that there is magic in the air. Everybody comes to Hollywood with a dream. But for Solomon, a 10 year old boy, and his 5 year old sister Sofia, when they reached Hollywood, it was a journey for survival. But even then, they too had a dream!

Hollywood - The homeless capital of America - Please watch this youtube video by Fusion Channel

Author's Note - Why I wrote "The Hollywood Blvd"?

As a writer, I feel personally connected and can relate to the story, "The Hollywood Blvd". It is the first story that I wrote in April 2001 and named it "With Love...Rahul". I was not confident enough in my work to show the script to anyone. Similar to the many characters that you will see in this story, my life too had to pass through many hardships and difficulties for survival. I always think about each of the characters in the story, especially the difficulties the two orphan kids endured at a young age. In 2007, I rewrote the story as "With Love...Solomon" in the context of a city in America. I loved that young boy so much that I named my son, who was born in 2008, Solomon !

I recently reworked and developed the screenplay and renamed it as "The Hollywood Blvd" as it is the land where Solomon and Sofia reached in their journey. Like many of the people who live in Hollywood, they too have a Dream. "The Hollywood Blvd" is their story!

About Riju R. Sam - Writer, Editor, Filmmaker and Business Consultant

Riju R. Sam is a Writer, Editor, Lyricist, Filmmaker and Business Consultant based in Hollywood, California. Riju R. Sam has worked in Hollywood and Bollywood feature films as Assistant Director, Production Coordinator, Writer, Casting Agent, Editor, Film Distribution and Marketing Consultant,etc. Riju R. Sam has written 10 screenplays of which 7 of them are published as Novels and are available in bookstores. The feature film written and directed by Riju R. Sam is “The Kamasutra Garden” which has completed post production and is scheduled for theatrical release in 2018.

Please click link to visit the Official Author Central Page of Riju R. Sam

The Hollywood Blvd” “Everybody comes here with a dream. Some dreams come true, the majority don’t. For each success story you hear, there are a million failed attempts that no one knows about. The passion, dreams, aspirations, hard work of the unsuccessful that nobody knows and nobody wants to know. They live in the shadows of this boulevard...Broken hearted and often penniless”

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